ACTI-Mag Asia Inc. Is a joint venture  between  Calix Limited, Australia as the technology partner and various Philippine Investors. A production facility to produce Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry  has been set up in Canlubang, Laguna , material produced at this facility  is suitable for water treatment, heavy metal capture and gas scrubbing. Currently highly active Magnesium Oxide is imported from the Calix calcination facility in Australia and hydrated using patented Hydration technology . This is Phase 1 of the Joint Venture . The construction of a CFC calcination unit in the Philippines utilizing local raw materials to produce high activity Magnesium Oxide suitable for Hydration to Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry is expected to commence mid 2017. 


ACTI-Mag Asia Inc.  will be fully integrated organization:

  • Mining of Magnesite mineral in Philippines
  • Calcination of Magnesite Mineral
  • Manufacture of Slurry

Through these we will be highly visible to entire process, tight quality control, guaranteed uninterrupted supply and adaptable to customer requirements. Using our unique, proven and proprietary processes, we offer a new approach that provides significant benefits to customers and partners in industries as diverse as Building &  Construction, Agriculture, Water and Power.  Our products offer performance gains in all these areas, as well as substantial opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions