Aqua-cal is hydrated from reactive magnesium oxide imparting excellent neutralization capability due to the high surface area.

AQUA-Cal+ is a concentrated stabilized suspension of calcium enhanced magnesium hydroxide with superoxide. The unique properties of AQUA-Cal+ arise from the formation, and optimization of reactive superoxide species in the slurry particles. These work with the well-established acid neutralization and water clarification properties of Magnesium Hydroxide Slurries to provide an enhanced environment for aquaculture. The product AQUA-Cal+ delivers considerable bio-available oxygen to the ponds to mitigate situations where oxygen has been depleted.

AQUA-Cal+ is hydrated from reactive magnesium oxide imparting excellent neutralization capability due to the high surface area. Magnesium hydroxide is non-hazardous, non-dangerous good, presenting exceptional occupational, health and safety benefits.


  •  High neutralization potential – neutralizes the harmful action of certain substances (sulphide & acids).
  • Better water clarification enabling better growth of micro flora, which is a supplementary feed for fish. Reduced turbidity and increase light penetration.

  • Enhanced DOC (Dissolved Oxygen Content). The introduction of oxygen into the sludge layer helps with biological breakdown.

  • Helps with nitrification of ammonia.

  • Increases breakdown of suspended/soluble organic materials and decreases biological oxygen demand.

  • Stops large pH fluctuations for day to night. It is important that water quality (particularly alkalinity) is monitored on a regular basis.

  • Safer to handle and use.



AQUA-Cal+is a safe and cost-effective method for alkalinity addition and pH adjustment in aquaculture water treatment. It is used in pond bottom soils and water for its neutralizing value, fineness rating, and calcium and magnesium contents.

Using AQUA-Cal(sup)+(/sup) in fish ponds increases the alkalinity of water which increases the availability of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. The increased availability of phosphorus and carbon dioxide will in turn, increase populations of phytoplankton (microscopic plants), which will promote larger populations of zooplankton (microscopic animals). Both phytoplankton and zooplankton are important food for fish. The addition of AQUA-Cal(sup)+(/sup) helps guard against daily pH (acid level) fluctuations that are common in ponds with dense populations of aquatic plants; AQUA-Cal(sup)+(/sup) can also improve the effectiveness of many herbicides used to control aquatic weeds. Finally, AQUA-Cal(sup)+(/sup) may also prevent some fish from being killed by these herbicides, as some of these chemicals are more toxic in soft acidic waters.